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Top 10 Construction Tech Solutions Companies in Europe - 2019

The world is changing rapidly. Exploding population and the need for affordable housing, transportation and utility infrastructure is just one of the megatrends shaking up the construction industry. However, the permeation of technologies into construction domain has shown transformative effects on society --reducing construction costs, narrowing global infrastructure gaps, boosting economic development. By adopting technological innovations, many construction companies are able to increase productivity, streamline project management and enhance quality and safety.

As the construction industry all over the globe is facing a labour crisis, forward-thinking industry leaders are investing in robotic bricklayers, which can lay bricks three times faster than humans. These robots are being used to lay modularly designed, easy to connect “lego” type bricks that have space for insulation, electricity and plumbing. Such practices are not only fighting the labour crisis but also reducing construction costs, time and material wastage. While these robotic bricklayers require human oversight, the fact remains that more bricks can be laid, in less time, with the need for fewer skilled masons.

This edition of Construction Tech Review features companies such as magicplan, Infrakit and PlanGrid that are at the forefront of offering agile construction technology solutions. Construction Tech Review’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent enterprises in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current best practices and technological trends in the space. We present you a special edition on “Top 10 Construction Tech Solution Providers in Europe - 2019”.

    Top Construction Tech Solutions Companies in Europe

  • Infrakit, a construction management software provider, delivers an independent, cloud-based platform that allows construction companies to integrate the best tools for each project phase. From CAD systems to surveying equipment and machine control systems, Infrakit centralizes project data and documentation handling and connects all the system. Infrakit is a cloud-based platform designed for construction site and office management, allowing real-time project management and quality assurance for all the personnel in infra-construction. Infrakit Cloud allows contractors to easily monitor and manage the entire site and office in real-time on all PC, laptops, and mobile devices. Infrakit allows contractors to manage all project data in their office and then take all the data to field during field visits

  • Magicplan is a mobile solution that transforms built space into data. It is a novel data acquisition tool that aggregates information about the built area and makes it accessible to a variety of stakeholders. magicplan as the floor plan app is a combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence enabling on-site data acquisition, categorization and processing. With the magicplan app, anyone can create a floor plan in no time, just with a tablet or smartphone. magicplan based in Munich and Montreal has over 16 million users and major corporations who have created the largest floor plan database in the world

  • Offers a construction productivity software that connects the office, site cabin, and field in the construction cycle in real-time on any device, including desktop, smartphone, or tablet. One of the top construction tech solution providers in Europe, PlanGrid is used in more than 1.5 million construction projects across 110 countries. An integral part of the Autodesk Construction Solutions (ACS) portfolio, PlanGrid has the proven track record of saving contractors and subcontractors an average of 7.12 hours every week, translating to approximately £14,000 in savings on labour costs per user annually

  • As a strong proponent of Construction 4.0, ThorbiQ’s mission is to enable digital collaboration between all actors in the construction industry. Through innovative technology, the focus is to facilitate manufacturers and service providers in engaging construction actors—their customers—through an industry-leading full digital service increasing their chances, offering them dynamic (BIM) data and content, applications and compatible services

  • 4PS


    With over 200 professionals, 4PS creates, implements, and maintains the best ICT for the global construction, civil engineering, and installation industry. 4PS has emerged to a worldwide IT supplier for the whole construction industry. Very distinctive for 4PS is the fact that all the employees are specialized in the customer's business. They inspire and motivate entrepreneurs with a passion for getting the maximum results out of their company by using smart IT

  • Arkance Systems

    Arkance Systems

    With an experience of over 30 years and composed of a multidisciplinary team of over 130 collaborators, AKRANCE Systems is in the leading position concerning the distribution of technologies for Construction. The company offers its customers a complete range of technological solutions, starting from the design phase of infrastructures and buildings, then going through the stages of Construction and then ending with the operation and maintenance of these structures. ARKANCE Systems specializes in CAD solutions Autodesk 2D and 3D for the world of architecture and industry

  • Invicara


    With a flexible platform, Invicara offers powerful software products for managing building information. The company's consultants and partners deliver tailored solutions to support digital transformation for designers, builders, and building owners. The Invicara platform uses BIM as a foundation for rich, flexible information models that help clients optimize project delivery, capital programs, and building operations. And their consultants bring years of real-world experience to help designers, builders, and owners achieve their goals and create smart, practical building information strategies

  • Solibri


    Recognized as a market leader in Model Checking Software operating in Building Information Modeling (BIM) Solibri, Inc.develops solutions that analyze and validate the quality of BIM-based designs, making the design process more fluid, productive, and efficient. The company takes quality assurance to a whole new level and helps ensure the information flows seamlessly from design to build. The data required is effortlessly available at the construction site, where site managers can easily view the models and take off not just the needed quantities but much more

  • thinkproject


    For over 15 years, think the project has delivered a readily available and shapeable common data environment (CDE) for engineering and construction projects. The company meets the emerging need for digital construction solutions that facilitate cross-enterprise collaboration and overall information management. think project offer also includes process management solutions for building information modeling (BIM) and interfaces to general business applications such as ERP. think project! Addresses today’s digitalization challenges in construction and engineering by providing state-of-the-art software solutions as well as industry expert consulting and services



    A Munich-based start-up, which was founded in 2016, VOXELGRID GmbH delivers the required information on masses and materials - inside and out. The company is working on a patent-pending process for the collection and consolidation of data. This process is basically based on methods like point-cloud stitching, automatic area recognition, deep learning, and hyperspectral analysis. Their primary goal is to develop realistic, three-dimensional building models that contain all the information regarding the geometries and structural elements

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