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Top 10 Construction Tech Consulting/Services Companies In Europe - 2019

For the construction companies, time is of the essence. In order to increase customer satisfaction, these companies strive to meet the scheduled time for delivery that they promised to their customers. They rely on various digital tools to speed up a variety of processes such as time tracking, resource management, communication across different teams, and several others. These tools allow companies to get rid of manual paper-based approval processes, and offer automatic methods for processing documents to avoid delays in service delivery. Besides, many construction companies have also started to run their applications on cloud for enhanced collaboration, security, cost-efficiency all-around availability, and several other functions. Cloud service providers enable them to use their data to good effects.  Also, with the ubiquity of data, cognitive technologies are making inroads in the construction industry that helps construction companies to extrapolate insights into their business processes.

Acknowledging the rapid development in the industry, Construction Tech Review has compiled a list of top 10 construction tech consulting/services companies to guide real estate developers to harness the power of technology and tackle the challenges head-on. We are glad to feature Mühltal, Germany-based Company, Nova Building IT 5D that is playing a revolutionary role in enabling the construction industry to take advantage of the cloud to transform their manual processes. The company offers NOVA BIM 5D that eliminates the need to share documents and enables contractors to create a table of comparison with the click of a button, thus accelerating the processes of tendering and contract awarding. Another featured construction consulting/service company is Vibux that analyzes the operations of construction companies and offer tailored services to ensure efficient implementation of building information modelling (BIM).

With innovative and path-breaking technological capabilities up their sleeves, these companies are continually proving their mettle in the field of construction tech. We hope this issue of Construction Tech Review helps you build a long-lasting partnership that your firm needs to excel in this competitive market.

We present to you Construction Tech Review’s “Top Ten Construction Tech Consulting/Services Companies-2019.”

    Top Construction Tech Consulting/Services Companies In Europe

  • NOVA Building IT is a Germany-based construction technology provider enabling the construction industry to take advantage of the cloud in automating manual processes. The company offers NOVA BIM 5D, the industry's first software as a service (SaaS) construction management solution that empowers contractors to invite subcontractors to bid simultaneously on a unified web-based platform. NOVA BIM 5D eliminates the need to share documents and enables contractors to create a table of comparison with the click of a button, thus accelerating the processes of tendering and contract awarding. Owners and contractors can directly integrate their 3D model into NOVA BIM 5D to automatically calculate all the material quantities required for cost planning, tendering, and other processes

  • Pinnacle Infotech is leveraging BIM capabilities along with a wide range of advanced design and mapping tools to enhance an engineer’s decision-making skills

  • Vibux is a BIM consulting company, offering its service to ensure a optimisation of critical processes involved starting form designing to post construction

  • AEC3


    AEC3 primarily focuses on bringing people, processes, technologies, standards, and guidelines into line with a methodological approach - with BIM; the Building Information Modeling. The company’s proprietary BIMQ platform can improve information management that assists in the automated management and verification of information related to the construction projects. Their platform BIMQ, with its combination of functionalities, an almost intuitive user interface, and high-performance server technology, answers all the questions that help all parties to make a project contract-proof, plan it reliably, and hand it over safely. Their secure, performant BIMQ platform streamlines processes and enables collaborative project management, ensuring more transparency and efficiency

  • Bimplan


    Bimplan specializes in the practice-oriented application of BIM (Building Information Modeling) to all players in the construction chain. Believing in the added value that a construction information model can offer during the entire life cycle of a building, the company applies virtual construction beyond the design phase of a construction project. Bimplan plays a central role as an independent BIM advisor during the design and implementation phase of construction projects, where solutions are sought from a practice-oriented perspective for the success of the integrated BIM story. Further, their specialties include Autodesk Revit Architecture Certified Professional, BIM drawing office, BIM consultancy, and BIM coordination

  • e-Metodi


    e-Metodi offers a business process automation system capable of continuous improvement. The company provides consultancy and development services along with giving solution delivery via cloud according to the Platform as a Service model. e-Metodi operates using the proprietary framework, XCASE®, which enables speedy prototyping and solution delivery. XCASE® is backed with a BPMN 2.0 authoring tool and Business Process Modeling engine. It adapts an agile approach using scrum methodology to build a completely custom solution around the customer’s needs and desires. The result is a solution perfectly tailored to the customer while remaining competitive in price compared to expensive rigid vertical solutions

  • MBAcity


    Since 2001, MBAcity supports the construction industry in its digital transition through the integration of BIM. MBAcity has been a forerunner in BIM for its strong expertise on all topics of BIM, whatever the phase of the project. MBAcity analyzes and anticipates the BIM needs of each client, including private controllers, property owners, and public bodies, to guide the strategic choices to be made and to accompany the project teams in their deployments. The MBAcity teams propose complementary missions of AMO BIM, BIM management exploitation maintenance, BIM Management, CIM and TIM management, Consulting, BIM synthesis all body of state and architectural, Modeling, and Generative design through its innovation

  • One Team

    One Team

    One Team, a leader in consulting and providing IT solutions for CAD, BIM, GIS and Document Management (EDM / PDM has been active since 1997 in the CAD sector and in Information Technology. The company has, over the years, developed and integrated its skills to facilitate and optimize the production and design processes of its customers. One Team, based in Milan Italy, is growing in terms of offer, structure and capillarity on the territory. The technical and support structure of One Team is able to implement the solutions and guarantee assistance according to different service models, so that all the technological areas related to the customers' business are professionally manned

  • PLAN B

    PLAN B

    Plan B, a recognized player in the industry and with experts in 3D CAD for more than ten years, looks after project management-related issues, such as review processes, cost estimates, and environmental assessments. By combining digitization and project management, Plan B creates better end products and better methods that, in turn, contribute to a sustainable society, both in Sweden and globally. Their services include BIM coordination, data coordination, product life cycle management, and project management 2.0. The company works exclusively with object-oriented design management, where digital models replace the review and mailing of drawings and where virtual meeting boards replace email and traditional protocols resulting in an efficient process flow

  • WinLog


    Having 15 years of expertise, WinLog offers innovative global management solutions under Windows, customizable, and adapted to the constraints of public works and building companies. It Relies on a business approach to provide a standard software core on which all the needs, such as business requirements, management rules, and working methods of the end-user, with a view to personalization adapted to clients’ constraints, can be easily positioned. Further, In close collaboration with the clients’ project team, the company implements complete support for the implementation of their solution at home

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