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Top 20 Construction Tech Companies in Europe - 2021

Year after year, new technology advancements improve the construction industry, allowing larger, taller, and stronger structures to be built. Mobile apps, drones, and virtual reality were once deemed futuristic, but they are now commonplace on construction sites around the world. Construction technology has a promising future, as well. Through Offsite building, construction companies are enhancing productivity. This strategy is typically employed on projects with constant layouts, such as residential buildings, hospitals, and schools. By creating an atmosphere that resembles a manufacturing facility, offsite building reduces waste and boosts worker efficiency.

Improvements in safety and training are another way that construction technology is transforming the industry. Virtual reality and augmented reality help improve safety in the construction industry by allowing workers to practice being in potentially risky situations such as operating cranes and other heavy machinery to perform welding work.

With the current shortage of trained laborers in the industry, construction technology is helping companies to do more with less by reducing labor costs through the use of robotics, machine learning, and self-driving heavy machinery.

To help organizations and leaders select the best vendors and advance their business initiatives, Construction Tech Review Europe’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a handful of construction tech companies that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you Construction Tech Review Europe’s “Top 20 Construction Tech Companies in Europe - 2021”

    Top Construction Tech Companies in Europe

  • ndBIM is a BIM solutions and service provider that helps construction companies in designing, coordinating, extracting quantities, estimating costs, planning projects, controlling the production, and managing their facilities. ndBIM leads and manages the BIM process in real estate projects guaranteeing that all design stakeholders collaborate towards a common goal; promotes the design review of some of the most iconic buildings’ modelling and coordinating all trades, allowing an exact quantification of the work to be performed; and offers a unique cloud platform that was developed to let people explore and consume and contribute to BIM information.


  • Tridify extends the value of your BIM, delivering projects simpler, faster, and more cost-effectively. The company makes it easier for BIM teams to process and contractor teams to implement - Inputs from any BIM/CAD software, simple 2-way communication back to issue management software. Users can upload BIM models, combine and share them. Users can send their colleagues and clients a link across WhatsApp, social channels, email, etc., so they can access your model in minutes via mobiles, tablets, desktops.


  • BERD


    BERD is on a mission to investigate, develop, and apply innovative solutions in bridge and viaduct construction methods. BERD is certified under ISO 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas, confirming that it ensures its products and services meet the requirements of our valuable customers through an effective and recognized Quality Management System (QMS). Furthermore, it has a clear commitment to quality expressed in its Quality Policy to promote a management culture focused on the satisfaction of its clients, collaborators, and other stakeholders and analyzes faults and deviations from compliance.



    CAD-PLAN was founded in 1989 and has been working since then to develop and sell software for the metal/façade construction sector, focused on Autodesk products. CAD-PLAN GmbH employs about 70 people and is represented in many countries by branches or dealers. Its three software products are ATHENA and APOLLON (CAD design), flixo (isothermal computation), and SJ MEPLA (structural analysis of glazing). Software products from CAD-PLAN relieve the designer of a great deal of routine work, increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • Carbon Clean

    Carbon Clean

    Carbon Clean is an established global leader in industrial carbon capture solutions helping essential, but hard-to-abate industries decarbonize. Its innovative solutions significantly reduce the costs and environmental impacts of carbon capture compared to conventional technologies. Headquartered in London, Carbon Clean has offices in India, Spain, and the United States. As of November 2021, the company has removed nearly 1.4 million metric tonnes of carbon from 46 facilities across the globe. Its work is founded on the belief that achieving net-zero isn’t a pipe dream, and it’s an imperative.

  • dorner.at


    Dorner Electronic develops software solutions for the building materials industry. In the exceptional area of ​​the concrete and dry plaster industry, it has been active in concrete production since the introduction of microprocessor technology. With attractive overall solutions and innovative, high-quality products and services, the company has been the market leader for production controls in Europe for years. It offers solutions for both small and international companies and always ensures optimal customer benefits.



    With over 40 years of market experience and more than 100 customized software solutions, FRILO is one of the leading providers of innovative calculation programs for structural analysis and design. Businesses can access a wide range of modern solutions from the four superordinate areas of Reinforced Concrete, Roof & Timber, Foundation & Soil Analysis, and Steel. At FRILO, engineers with practical experience and a strong passion for software development constantly ensure that clients’ requirements as structural engineers are met with suitable solutions.

  • Gbuilder


    GBuilder is a BIM-based Customer Journey Management platform for property developers that digitalizes the interaction between customers, project teams, and construction sites. It offers its market-proven software to enhance customer experience and improve efficiency, quality, and sustainability, used in 10 European countries in over 300 projects. GBuilder is a BIM-compatible collaboration platform for property developers and construction companies to manage customer-related tasks, material choices, and options, configurations with 3D & VR visualizations, change requests, communication, documentation, and more.

  • I2CM


    I2CM's mission is to ultimately assist its clients in fulfilling project execution plans and managing projects without LTI, at expected quality, on schedule, and within budget. Whether it is industry or infrastructure projects, I2CM believes it is essential to realize construction-oriented engineered solutions and sequences. While cooperating and interacting with all EPC activities, I2CM will make its know-how, experience, tools, and procedures available. I2CM professionals are also qualified and experienced in supporting disputes or critically analyzing and composing claims.

  • MSA Construction

    MSA Construction

    MSA Construction was founded in 2010 to answer the market’s demand for a competent construction site management organization to be utilized at the growing number of wind turbine development projects. It is built on its initial staff’s vast experience in necessary processes, regulations in the field, and being part of many challenging consignments within the industry. From a small group of specialists taking care of a few operations, MSA has grown into an organization with the capacity to manage multiple sites and projects to support customers all around the World.

  • Nodes & Links

    Nodes & Links

    Nodes & Links is a technology company that works with global leaders in the project delivery space, from energy and construction to aerospace and defense. The company is backed by world-leading investors and innovate with leading universities. It offers Aegis, a one-stop-shop for all of your schedule analytics. The platform is easy to set up and simplifies it for the users to upload their schedules, invite their team and start analyzing.

  • Olmero


    Olmero provides a web-based tendering platform on which construction tenders are tendered for all areas of the construction industry. The platform networks all those involved in construction and enables tenders to be processed efficiently. The client benefits from the supraregional transparency, the architect/planner from the efficient and modern way of working, entrepreneurs and construction suppliers are supported and strengthened in the acquisition. Olmero ushered in the digitalization of the Swiss construction industry in 2000. The people behind Olmero have proven expertise and extensive practical experience.

  • Opinion Builders

    Opinion Builders

    As a dynamic engineer team, Opinion Builder continuously learns, does research, and develops new methods to optimize the workflows so that construction companies can remain agile and flexible for every upcoming issue. The company believes that 3D modeling can be more than a tool for visualization. Giving more information and attributes to the elements of the 3D model and using them wisely has a massive advantage in the construction industry. That is the essence of BIM modeling. Even the workflow is well-documented and has many rules or standards; each project and every client needs a unique solution.

  • PlanToBuild


    PlanToBuild is a holistic project management software for the construction industry. PlanToBuild is a trade-independent and web-based software solution for construction project management, developed by industry insiders based on actual needs. The simple idea behind PlanToBuild is to make work more accessible through digitization. The platform simplifies the processes in construction project management for everyone involved. Projects are structured much more simply and clearly. The solution guarantees process reliability, adherence to deadlines, and optimal capacity planning.

  • SangR


    SnagR is designed to monitor the progress of complex projects, providing the easiest way to capture field data, automate reporting and visualize sophisticated analytics. SnagR is an onsite data collection tool. The company offers the easiest way to capture field data, automate reporting, and offer sophisticated analytics for the management office. Streamlining current processes saves companies from tedious tasks and lets them focus on important work in the field. With its unique automated KPI dashboards, company-wide data can be summarised and analyzed in real-time.



    SIMLAB is a technology company focused on facility digitalization. It develops software apps for home and building owners to use operators and occupants of houses, offices, factories, hospitals, hotels, and multi-family residential buildings. SIMLAB apps turn personal living spaces and working environments into multimedia digital command centers, accessible by computer, tablet, and smartphone. The company empowers users with interactive and intelligent digital twins of their structures, leveraging a combination of 3D models of the property, accurate–time data from sensors, and user-defined asset information.

  • Siteplan


    SitePlan is a navigation app for the construction, planning, and maintenance of infrastructure projects. SitePlan enables project teams to navigate PDF plans and a satellite map with their phone GPS. The plans are simply converted into digital GPS maps. Photos taken are also automatically located with their geoposition on the plans and the map. In addition, each project member can easily connect to GNSS intelligent antennas, which enables positioning to the centimeter. This makes staking out, centimeter-accurate as-built documentation and digital field measurements a breeze.

  • ThorbiQ


    With ThorbiQ’s technology as a service, the company enables digital reality in the construction industry by allowing all actors to digitally collaborate by sharing their consolidated data in a useable and integrable way and by providing metrics and real-time feedback to increase business insights on all sides. ThorbiQ helps manufacturers of building products to offer an all-encompassing digital service to all relevant construction actors. These construction actors get free access to a rich source of information that is easy to find, accessible, reliable, and usable.

  • Trowelapp


    Trowelapp provides construction software that enables construction businesses to plan budgets, review lists, conduct inspections, and record routine work reports. Clients’ entire teams work in a coordinated and agile way in a single tool from anywhere since all information of the company and works are automatically updated in real-time. System variables are customizable, eliminating implementation costs. Users can also prepare the budget for projects, keep track of their modifications and new items, do the work planning and consult it in the Gantt Chart or the calendar mode, and access the plans from phone or device.

  • smino


    smino provides digital tools for successful construction projects. The company supports its clients in every service phase -from planning to handing over the keys in a collaborative and straightforward way, from anywhere. smino networks all project participants into an efficient unit. Construction companies can work collaboratively with their project participants via smino. Organizations and employees can manage their profiles themselves, Keep an overview of all tasks and deficiencies at all times, and store, edit, and compare plans, models, and documents centrally.

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