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Michael Knibbs, Managing Director, Safesite FacilitiesMichael Knibbs, Managing Director,Safesite Facilities
With the country gradually opening up again after a challenging year, the government still recommends that social distancing measures remain in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We have sourced a range of social distancing safety barriers to control and manage footfall and keep the public safe. Whether you need to put social distancing barriers in place in busy pedestrian locations such as schools and offices, or construction sites and shops, we have the right solution to suit your requirements.

Our barriers range from lighter weight, easy to transport 2.3 metre metal barriers all the way through to weighted Wonderwall barriers which are highly robust and stay put even in high winds. Our Pyramid water filled barriers can turn 90 degrees to create a corner and are 55kg when filled. This means they are difficult for anyone to tamper with, but as they are only 5kg when empty, they’re easy to transport.

It’s essential at the moment to ensure anyone entering your work premises can sanitise their hands safely. We have portable indoor and outdoor hand sanitising stations available to buy or hire. This means they’re perfect for short-term use to keep up with current regulations.
If you’d prefer to buy a sanitation station for long-term use at your business, this is also an option.

We even have a portable indoor/outdoor hand wash station, operated with a foot pump for hands-free operation. This can be used in high footfall environments and easily moved to the right spot for your premises or site.

Reducing our environmental impact is important to us as a business. We’re proud that our Environmental Management System has been approved as compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to reducing waste and protecting the environment. We also source timber for our hoardings from sustainable sources and our concrete barriers and water filled barriers are manufactured from recycled materials here in the UK.

Wherever possible we look for local and sustainable solutions for our materials. We recently donated all the painted timber hoarding from one construction project (over 400 metres) to the Bristol Wood Recycling Project. This is a social enterprise which aims to benefit the community and the environment, by transforming waste into shared assets. It provides a wood waste collection service, timber yard for trade and public, and a wood workshop in which volunteers learn to produce bespoke furniture to order.

We try and think ‘environment-first’ with our product lines too. Our mobile CCTV towers have a solar powered option. This reduces the number of backup batteries required for your building site which means less waste. They’re also the ideal solution for a remote site which requires constant monitoring. The solar powered option means you don’t have to worry about the batteries losing power and therefore losing security coverage on your site. Not only are you using a more environmentally friendly solution, you have peace of mind that your site is secure, around the clock.

Another way we can help companies reduce their carbon footprint is with our Plas-Hoard uPVC hoarding. Made from 100% recycled material, it is easy to relocate, store and reuse. It has no permanent fittings which means reduced risk of damage to buildings and floors. We can even move the hoarding to your next project to re-install, lengthening its lifespan. Any damaged panels we’ll take away to be fully recycled. If uPVC isn’t the right solution for your site, we have many other types of site hoarding, including water filled hoarding, steel hoarding and timber hoarding.

When it comes to protecting the public from COVID-19 or working to minimise the impact of construction on the planet, Safesite Facilities is always innovating to ensure we’re doing all we can to provide everything you need for the security and safety of your business.
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