Going Circular - Circular Economy within Construction Industry in the Kingdom of Denmark

Ole Bellen, Chief Construction Manager/Project Manager, Sweco

Going Circular - Circular Economy within Construction Industry in the Kingdom of Denmark

Digital Technologies: Collaboration is Key

Aneesa Mulla, Head of Digital, Tilbury Douglas

Digital Technologies: Collaboration is Key

Autodesk Construction Cloud Starts A New Connected Era

Construction Tech Review

Autodesk Construction Cloud Starts A New Connected EraJim Lynch, Vice President & General Manager

Autodesk has unveiled Autodesk Construction Cloud, which will empower the construction industry to enhance collaboration, minimize risk and increase proficiency.

FREMONT, CA: Recently, at Connect & Construct Summit, Autodesk Inc., announced the launch of Autodesk Construction Cloud, which blends upgradedbuilders’ network and predictive insights for connecting folks and data across full building lifecycle, from design to operations.

At the core of Autodesk Construction Cloud are the best construction solutions, BuildingConnected, PlanGrid, Assemble, and BIM360. These solutions are brought together by Autodesk Construction Cloud and, with the established design authoring tools of Autodesk, link headquarters, office, and field teams for increasing collaboration and productivity.


There are more than 50 new product enhancements in Autodesk Construction Cloud, along with deeper incorporations between every product to enable data to flow through all phases of construction. It also includes robust new artificial intelligence functionality that assists construction teams in identifying and mitigating design risks before the issue occurs— minimizing delays, rework and costs.

Autodesk Construction Cloud comprises three core elements that provide construction firms with a competitive benefit in the industry:

1. Upgraded technology: Finest software solutions designed for simplicity and power— collaborating headquarters, office, and field team from design to construction and operations.

2. Builder’s Network: The industry’s biggest network of designers, owners, builders, and traders allow each to connect with the appropriate partners and projects.

3. Predictive Insights: AI-driven analysis of earlier siloed project data offers builders with robust insights to predict outcomes and minimize risk.

‘We have been keenly focused on breadth, depth and productivity across the portfolio. Ultimately, we’re making these products more connected, and more collaborative’, said Jim Lynch, VP and general manager of Autodesk Construction Solutions. PlanGrid, an Autodesk Company, has also been featured as one of the top 20 Construction Tech Solution Providers in Europe—2019


The highlights of the innovation involve:

• Enabling subcontractors to quantify 2D views in real-time in Building Connected Bid Board Pro.

• Improving all BIM 360 modules, along with deeper feature incorporations like between Construction IQ and BIM 360’s design view abilities, known as Design Risk Management, which helps in reducing the RIFs’ likelihood and change orders stemming from design problems.

• Expanding support within Assemble for the new version of Autodesk design tools Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks.

• Allowing greater amalgamation, field teams can take videos directly within the PlanGrid app. Along with enhanced photo management, teams can offer richer commentary from the job site.

“Autodesk Construction Cloud will become the foundation for the convergence of construction and manufacturing’, concluded Jim Lynch.

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